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Ok guys since I've seen many of you asking about what is this, I will post a FAQ and some Rules---
(This is only for me, if my friends want to do it, they are free).

1) What is this?
ommg this is a LoveChild RP account.

2) What is a loveChild?
in general terms, a LoveChild is a son/daughter of certain pair.

3) So who are Julieta's parents?

Alfred F. Jones and My OC- Raquel Aragón Hernández.

4) Isn't Alfred, a Country? (omg so mean Jones! Countries cannot have kids!)

Which they are not countries ,they are simple humans.

5) are you the only one with a LoveChild RP Account?
Not really! there are many--
My group of Friends and I started this and now there is no control anymore.

5) Is this related to HetaNext? / Why it says "LoveChild RP account" Instead of "HetaNext RP Account" ?

 Hell no .

We have nothing to do with HetaNext.
HetaNext is a separated AU with different pairs and kids.
None of our kids know Hetanext kids.

Hetanext is about Country x Country, and the kid seems to be the next person to take the name of the Country.
LoveChildren AU is about Human x Human , and the kids are just normal humans like their parents.

6) I have seen Many Jones out there! Are they all related to Julieta?
 NO .
The only 'canon' siblings Julieta has are Emiliano D. Jones (v-ivacious) and Jackson F. Jones.

7) so, what about the others?
I dont want to sound rude, but I don't feel like Julieta would accept more siblings apart from those.
So, If you have another Jones kid, PLEASE don't come and say "SISTER" or "OMG WE SHARE DAD" Because that's hella
rude and no one would like that, we could RP --but there would be some rules (read below).

8) Isn't Emiliano, Julieta's HALF brother?
 Emiliano is Alfred and María's son (APHRepublica-Panama) A separated pair from Julieta and Jackson. 
( Alfred and Raquel's kids).

9) Then why do they  live together? / get along so well --- Isn't there any Rivalry between them?

Hummmm not exactly. Julieta and her siblings were raised in the same house,
even when they are half siblings, their parents wanted them to see each other as 100% siblings, usually they don't
call each other "She/he's my half sibling" They say "She/he's my brother/Sister".
Their personalities match very well, and their relation is pretty good, obviously there are some fights but,
normal siblings fights.

10) So where does Maria/ Raquel lives? Everyone live together?

Yes once again. In this AU some men are polygamists that means they have more than one wife.
And NO there is no problem with the law because this is an alternative universe.

And once again, there is no rivalry between the wives (unless any of my friends specify it).
At least Raquel and Maria are really good wives. With lesbian tendences//slapped .

11) Can my OC/Character join the group <3?

 I dont know 

This AU is pretty flexible in some ways, we accept/like many pairs and polygamy is accepted.
But since some men  have many wives already I decided to not accept more wives or kids for some characters-- sorry!

12) Why not? :( I want to be cool like you guys.
Sorry! I am really sorry, but this AU group is already formed and united,
and we're developing our babies' relationships, and I don't think there could be space for more kids or wives
since most of them have a Biography already and if magically a wive and/or a sister/brother pops out-- believe me
that wouldn't be nice and we should re-write all the relationships.

( Friends and other canon characters' kids and wives/husbands are always accepted anyway! <3 )

but you always can look for a new group of friends and make your own LoveChildren AU Group!.

because he is hella hot for women.

'Canon' pairs/Kids in Julieta's Biography:

These are the canon families in Julieta's life, here are all her friends,siblings, cousins etc .
They all are an important part of her and everyone influences a bit in her biography.

(Note: If you want to do a new loveChild or want your OC for a wife you should ask the others wives owners--really)

Alfred F. Jones (America)

Wives :
- María Delmara Nuñez (Panama in Hetalia) (:iconaphrepublica-panama:)
- Raquel Aragón Hernández (Mexico in Hetalia) ( :icond-iversa: )

Kids :
- Emiliano D. Jones | 19 years old (:iconv-ivacious:)
- Julieta Jones | 16 years old (this account)
- Jackson F. Jones | 12 Years old ( None ) .

This Family is CLOSED.
I won't accept more wives or kids for Alfred, sorry!

Arthur Kirkland (England)

Wives :
- Paula Sofía Castro (Colombia) ( :iconc-attleya: )
- Agustina Victoria Rossi ( Argentina ) ( :iconaph-argentina: )
- Daniela Jaramillo Perez (Colombia) ( :iconcoffeebeanwitch: )
- Anais Jay Spencer ( Antigua and Barbuda) ( :iconc-aribbeanheart: )

Kids :

- James Agustín Kirkland | 17 years old ( :iconb-ollocks: )
- Catalina Kirkland castro | 17 years old ( :iconc-atalina: )
- Tamesha Spencer Kirkland | 17 Years old ( :icont-amesha: )
- Andres Castro Kirkland | 16 years old ( :icona-ndres: )
- Paulina Kirkland | 16 years old ( :iconf-lores: )
- Malvina Kirkland | 15 years old ( none )
-Connor Spencer Kirkland | 13 years old (none)
- Charlie Kirkland | 2 years old?  ( none )

Extra kids | Adopted | ????

- Lulu and Camillo (idek their surnames--)
- Emma (:iconBritamex: <-- this is in a big ??? Because she's not recognized yet,
a gay adoption is a serious thing so we should ask all the wives before?)

This family is totally CLOSED

Matthew Williams (Canada)

- Aputsiaq Pipaluk Taorana (Greenland) (:iconland-of-her-people: )

Kids :
- Sandra Williams | 18 years old
- Louis Williams | 15 years old
-Christi Williams | 13 years old.

Account: :iconkitten-king:

This Family is SEMI CLOSED ??
I am rather neutral with this family, Matthew isn't a polygamist like his brother,
Anyway I am pretty happy with this family; I rather no more kids or wives because these
would be Julieta's cousins. and she already has many lmao, but you should ask Poison-
(Aputsiaq and kids' owner) .

Ivan Braginski :

Wife :
- Victoria Scott Palma  ( Antarctica ) (:iconfrozen-q: )

Son :
- Aleksei Scott Braginski | 17 years old ( :icont-raveler: )

This Family is CLOSED
Ivan's family is pretty small, but i am very happy with it like this.
If you have any question ask Frozen (Victoria and Aleksei's owner) .

Máximo /Maximiliano / CARLOS?? (Cuba)

Wife :
- Carla García Bolívar ( Venezuela )

Kids :
- Javier García | 18/19 Years old
- Rita García | 17 Years old
- Lianne García | 16 years old

This Family is Semi opened??

I am PRETTY PRETTY happy with it. anyway, you should ask Miista about a new family member.
( Carla and kids' owner ) .

Francis Bonnefoy :

Wives :
- Sofia Marinus (San Marino) | :iconaskaphsanmarino:
- Luciana Casadei (San Marino) | :iconfreedomandserenity:
- Yessenia Hernandez - cortez  ( Mexico ) |:iconreina-del-sur:

Kids :
- Francesco Bonnefoy | ??? years old ( :iconclassyandelegant: )
- Danielle Bonnefoy | ??? years old (:iconclassyandelegant: )
- Tomas Bonnefoy | 19 years old (:iconthe-golden-bonnefoys:)
- Viktor Bonnefoy | 19 years old (:iconthe-golden-bonnefoys: )
- Isabella Bonnefoy | 16 years old (:iconis-abella: )

This family is CLOSED
No more bonnefoys pleasee!
The bonnefoys are a very important family for Julieta's bio.
so no more cousins!

Lovino Vargas

Wives :
- Vanessa Herrera Valverde ( Costa Rica )
- Sofía ??? ???? (Mexico)

Kids :

-Annalisa Valentina Vargas | 16 years old (:iconannalisa-vargas:)
- Rafael Vargas | 16 years old
- Stella Vargas | 16 years old
( :iconthet-wins: )


Just , no more vargas.
no more.
Ask Hima and Mokona first ( the owners) .

Im Yong Soo

- Maricela Clara de los Santos (Philippines) (:iconlupang-hinirang:

Kids :
- Marisol  | 17 years old 
- Tae Hyun | 16 years old

This family is semi-opened
I dont know if Mel would accept more kids or wifes for Yong Soo so, I just wait!

Pheakdei's family

Wife: ????????????????????


Prateh-Kampuchea <-- owner uvu/

This family is CLOSED  
? I thiNKK???


the only rule is:
If your kid is a son/daughter of one of these men,You should keep in mind
that I won't be able to RP with you at all, unless we create an special situation
(Like no one is Alfred's kid for example) .
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